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While surgery is often used as a means to treat varicose veins, there is self-help for varicose veins that is easy and much less costly than a surgical procedure. While surgery is one option for dealing with spider veins, it is not an end-all solution, since secondary channels of blood flow which develop once the varicose sections of veins are removed don’t always cure the problem. Often, a surgical solution will lead to a recurrence.  There are much easier, and often more effective ways of helping yourself when you suffer from this ailment.

How to prevent varicose vein by yourself

Self-help for varicose veins can include many things, most of which are preventative, but many address varicose veins that have already formed. While herbal treatments, dietary changes and increasing the amount of exercise you do will work wonders, many people do not know the specifics of what they need to do outside of these general guidelines.

These are just a few of the reasons you may not need expensive surgery or laser therapy. Alternatives exist that don’t require haggling with your insurance company to try to get coverage for treatment of a ‘cosmetic problem’ or injecting questionable chemical solutions into your body. There are several other specific methods of self-help for varicose veins, including changing bathing habits, massage and even yoga, but there are precise practices which you should know.

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