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Varicose veins can affect anyone of any age group. These veins appear due to the lack of circulation of blood; they become stressed and enlarged. What causes varicose veins to hurt is when the stressed veins are not removed or treated. It is essential to be equipped with the right knowledge of how to prevent having these varicose veins form. Some studies on what causes varicose veins show results that include obesity, sedentary lifestyle, or in some cases, it can be from genes.

Compression Stockings or Socks

Lack of movement is one of the leading reasons behind what causes varicose veins. If your job doesn’t involve a lot of movement and you find yourself sitting in one place for extended periods of time, compression stockings or socks really come in handy by increasing the blood flow to the legs and feet without you having to get up and move around.

Daily Exercise for varicose vein

 Another big reason why so many cases of varicose veins are reported each year is a lack of daily exercise. Make sure that you get your daily dose of physical activity in order to prevent varicose veins from affecting you in the first place. Daily exercise allows for better circulation of the blood and is also a good choice to enjoy a healthy, more active lifestyle.

Knowing what causes varicose veins is important so that you can do the things necessary to avoid them. If you already have varicose veins and you suffer from pain, consult a physician to get an idea of how your previous habits may have brought them on. Afterwards, the doctor will help you get the right treatment to get rid of the unsightly veins. There are simple treatments to get rid of them but if the veins are too swollen, surgery might be required.

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