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Coconut oil for warts, what does that mean?

Warts are small, rough bumps that grow on the skin surface. Some people ignore the presence of warts on the skin. But If it grows at exposed skin surface like in the face, arms, legs, and others will greatly disrupt your appearance. Moreover, the warts are suffered by women. Therefore we have to remove warts by immediately with materials that do not cause scars and side effects. One of the liquids that can be used to remove warts without scarring and side effects are spread regularly with coconut oil. Here are tips on using coconut oil for your warts.

Coconut oil for warts is not something new. One of the properties of coconut oil for skin care is to cure warts without scarring and side effects. The content of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in coconut oil can speed up the regeneration of skin cells. Warts is essentially a pile of skin cells damaged or dead is still attached to the skin. By rubbing coconut oil on skin warts can lift dead skin cells or unhealthy is the cause of my growing. A lot of lotion that can be used to treat warts. But often the material cause scars unwanted. As skin becomes brownish or even blackish skin surface becomes uneven. Also, the price is quite expensive compared to using coconut oil for warts.

How to use coconut oil for warts 

As usual, we use coconut oil for skin care is by rubbing coconut oil on troubled skin. So also with warts, you simply apply coconut oil on the surface of the wart. Performed a minimum of three times a day. Molecular of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which is very small it can easily be absorbed by the skin. And properties of coconut oil to your warts will soon feel. Repeat the greasing of coconut oil for several days until the wart is completely gone without a trace. If the surface is hard and rough warts, you can rub it first with sandpaper so that the surfaces of materials such warts are more open and then applied coconut oil. This is done so that the coconut oil molecules can be more easily absorbed by the skin. And the process becomes more rapid healing warts.

To avoid warts do not grow anymore, it is recommended that you always consume coconut oil regularly. Coconut oil in question is virgin coconut oil (VCO) is processed without heating (with the heating control) without any additional chemicals. Drink coconut oil 2-3 tablespoons per day. Thus the very much properties of coconut oil can be obtained by your body. One of the advantages of coconut oil for warts are no side effects for users. Because coconut oil (VCO) is natural vegetable oil and processed naturally anyway. Now it’s time to try coconut oil for wart you have.

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