woman in shirt applying psoriasis cream on her body

The skin is the outermost layer in our body that protects the inner soft tissues and cells from insults such as sunlight, dust, water and many others. The skin is a living tissue that needs enough nutrition to perform its function in a normal manner. Overexposure to sun, presence of certain underlying disorders and other factors may affect the skin cells, disrupting its appearance and activity. While some of the effects may result only in cosmetic concerns, other disorders may result in irritation, itching and even wounds on the skin.

Types of skin disorders

Several skin disorders such as psoriasis and xerosis result in abnormal changes in the skin such as the formation of scales, dry skin and other associated problems. The occurrence of dry skin may also be attributed to the reduction in the lipid or fat content in the skin cells. Apart from the administration of medications that need to be consumed orally, numerous types of moisturizers are advised for direct application on the affected areas of the skin.

Coconut oil for skin disorders

Coconut oil benefits are well known among the people of tropics. One of the purposes for which coconut oil has been used widely by these people for centuries together is for its ability to moisturize the skin. The application of coconut oil as a moisturizer in individuals suffering from xerosis was evaluated in a study. The study reported that the individuals suffering from xerosis obtained relief from the skin symptoms to a significant level.

Regular application of coconut oil also helped in retaining the moisture along with a reduction in the skin symptoms. This may be helpful in individuals suffering from other skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. The fat content in the skin cells was also noted to improve to a certain extent. All the individuals involved in the study reported improvement in their condition with the use of coconut oil. Furthermore, it was also noted that there were no side-effects reported with the regular use of coconut oil in these individuals. 24

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