coconut oil

In fulfilling the body’s need for food or nutrition every day, humans can not be separated from the use of coconut oil. Cooking oil is often in use by the housewife is cooking oil that is processed from raw materials of varying kinds, such as coconut, palm oil, butter and others. In traditional societies, especially in Southeast Asia regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand and others, Oil is used for cooking is produced with the raw material of coconut oil (virgin coconut oil). To make certain cakes, fried fish, crackers, etc. that is their daily menu, They always use coconut oil. Essentially there are coconut oil at whole foods (some food)

Before coconut oil is produced and marketed widely, coconut oil is an integral part of community life in the area. From the observations, it is estimated that when people only use coconut oil, diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, high cholesterol and others are rare. But now when using cooking oil to switch to other oils such as palm oil or butter, the diseases often attack the community. So it is not wrong if it was thought that coconut oil can prevent the diseases above.

How to solve the problem?

There are some people who advocate for the switch to the use of coconut oil at whole foods that need cooking oil, such as some types of cakes, pizza, fried chicken, fried fish, crackers, etc.. In the past, virgin coconut oil which is naturally processed (traditional) is very easy to get. But now to get virgin coconut oil is not as easy as it used to be. Virgin coconut oil is now typically packed with attractive packaging and the price is not as cheaply as in the past.

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