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The pain that comes with varicose veins can be from mild to severe. For people who have smaller varicose veins, there may be no pain at all. However, if left untreated, the varicose vein pain can develop due to the increased swelling of the veins. For some people, the pain can be so bad that it prevents them from doing their daily activities. There are several ways to manage varicose vein pain. Taking pain medication or undergoing surgery for the removal of the varicose veins are the most common solutions. However, these may not be for everyone since medical procedures for the removal of varicose veins can be quite expensive. The answer to this is an alternative way to remove varicose vein pain.

Alternative ways to treat varicose vein pain

One alternative treatment for varicose veins is acupuncture. For this procedure, small pins are inserted in different pressure points on the body to relieve the pain and improve blood circulation. Several sessions might be needed before this alternative treatment works. Some patients who have varicose veins see this as a good solution to get rid of varicose vein pain.

Another alternative treatment is reflexology. Reflexology is a type of physical therapy that deals with pressure points on the different parts of the body. For varicose vein patients, the focus of the therapy is on the feet. This improves the blood flow on that area and can diminish the pain that comes with varicose veins.

Varicose vein pain solutions vary from person to person. It is good to know your options so that you know which treatment works best for the kind of pain that you are feeling.

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